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The John Donegan Award

John Donegan Award

The John Donegan Award was established in 1972 to recognise outstanding contributions to Scouting within our Group and the wider community. It is presented to the Scout, Venturer or Rover who has fulfilled this legacy in the preceding 12 months.

Who was John Donegan?

In 1947 the 1st City Venturer Unit started and John Donegan, then a Senior Patrol Leader, became the first Unit Chairman. By 1953 he was the Venturer Leader and in 1955 he became the Group Leader until retiring in 1972. He resigned as Group Leader for 1st City after 25 years of Service as a Leader. John Donegan went on to be District Commissioner for Box Hill District. He died in 1976. The Award to Scouting at 1st City.

The John Goss Award

The John Goss Award was established in 1986 to recognise the Cub who has shown the best endeavour during the preceding 12 months. It is called the DYB (Do Your Best) Award to encourage the Cubs to uphold their motto to always Do Your Best.

Who was John Goss?

John Goss joined 1st City as a Cub in 1919. He became a Scout and Patrol Leader, then he moved on to be Cubmaster and then Group Leader until he resigned in 1946. He was part of the Group for 27 years. John Goss then became a Commissioner for Scouts in Regional Victoria.

John Donegan Recipients

John Goss Recipients