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The Den

celebrating 100 years


The Venturer Section is for boys and girls aged 14 ½ years to 18 years. They meet on a Thursday night from 7:30pm to 9:30pm. Our Venturer Unit has 12 Venturers and is growing at a great rate. It runs with a 4 person Unit Council dealing with the daily operations of the Unit with the help of three adult leaders. The only limits Venturers have with activities is their own imagination. Making movies or music videos, Yoga, hiking, Rock star night, squash, service, scavenger hunts, internationally themed nights and kayaking.

In days gone by Venturers were known as Senior Scouts, and our Unit was officially formed in 1947. For some time during the 1940's the older Scouts, the fifteen and sixteen year olds, had been finding it hard to maintain interest when they were in the same patrols as the 12 year olds. Spasmodic and uncoordinated efforts had been made to cater for them — an extra half-hour after the evening parade for a more vigorous game, occasional week-end camps for "seniors" only. So in July 1947 John Donegan and John Parry officially started the Senior Scout Section at our Group.